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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Out of sudden, a friend of mine just posted me a question about Malaysia and i suddenly realized that there are so many facts that i have neglected about my own country. This is what i found out recently.

Do you know that the total surface of the earth is about 510,065,284 km square and about 70.8% water coverage and only 29.2% land coverage. That makes up to 148,939,063 km square of the land area. The top 8 largest countries are Russia, Canada, China, US, Brazil followed by Australia, India, Argentina.

Malaysia? She is the 67th largest countries in the world with 329,847 km square (0.22% of the earth). Not bad also lah. By the way, there should be 232 countries in the world. We have 27,544,000 of population which is 43rd largest in the world. KL itself has 2 million people.

The smallest country in the world is Vatican City (near Rome), 0.44 km square. That's why it is still retained the city name. Population less than 1,000.