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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just a couple of photos to share during our holiday in Taipei. Do visit more of our photo log at TRANQUILITY


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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Controversial House (Source: TheStar)

Do you believe it? Just for your information....... follow the link.


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Wah, my favourite musician is very talented lah.....

Kenny G is No. 1 on Golf Digest's ranking of the `Top 100 in Music'

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Saxophonist Kenny G has more to brag about than his world-class horn-playing. He's now the best golfer among music-makers, according to Golf Digest's ranking of the "Top 100 in Music.''
The Grammy winner beats out country stars Vince Gill, Marty Roe and Steve Azar, and No Doubt drummer Adrian Young, who round out the top 5. The list also includes Bob Dylan (No. 63), Snoop Dogg (No. 44) and fellow sax player Branford Marsalis (No. 29).
The list will be published Tuesday on the magazine's Web site, as well as in its December issue, on newsstands Nov. 7. The ranking is based on handicaps, some official, some not-so-official. Kenny G's handicap is a plus-0.6, meaning his average score is better than par. And he tells the magazine he still needs improvement.
"With the sax, I learned technique well enough so that it feels like part of my body and I just express myself,'' he said. "That's where I want to get in golf.''
Gill, a scratch golfer (0 handicap), said, "musicians and golfers understand each other.''
"We know what it takes to have to perform,'' he said. "We know there is a lot of alone time.''
Rocker Alice Cooper, who ranked 11th on the list with a 5.3 handicap, said playing golf helped him kick his drug habit.
"Golf is the crack of sports,'' he told the magazine. "Once I took it seriously, I loved it. It absolutely saved my life.''
Other stars on the Golf Digest rankings include Justin Timberlake (No. 15), Englebert Humperdinck (23), Celine Dion (62), Nick Lachey (95) and Pink (100). - AP


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This has been a hot debating issue in Malaysia now. Actually what is Beta Agonist?

如果是豬隻服用長肉劑, 豬肉的細胞將不正常,再經人體吸收,就對人體造成破壞。

蔡細歷也抨擊喜歡使用長肉劑(beta agonist)的豬農,罔顧人命。他說,含有長肉劑的豬肉,足以導致心臟病患者及血壓高病患者身亡。他也表示,衛生部將與農業部協調,以商討如何制止豬肉含長肉劑問題。他說,衛生部最近已批准其他的藥物(Racdpobamine)取代長肉劑(beta agonist),此藥物對人體沒有副作用,但價錢卻高出3倍。

“豬農喜歡用長肉劑,是因為可以使豬肉長得更‘美’,少肥肉,但長肉劑卻對人體有副作用,足以令心臟病及血壓高病患者身亡。” 他也說,根據一項例常報告顯示,在2000年,豬肉含長肉劑的巴仙率為49.5%,而在執法人員嚴格“管制”下,2006年,豬肉含長肉劑的巴仙率降至0.89%。


Hope the government will help to solve this issue. We HOPE HOPE HOPE, ok...???!!!


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